secrets left unspoken is a collection of my random thoughts i had left unsaid.it’s where i can write all my feelings and emotions but never even speaks about it. this is the place where i can be ME as ME without hesitations. being open minded is the key here to understand my craft.

that feeling. . . // 12/12/2016
i feel how fuck you seem after he left you. i know how it feels being replaced or sometimes, taken for granted. i know how it feels trying to fix what's still left for the two of you, struggling, while he's stabbing you already for he is now happy with his someone new. i know how it feels being unworthy and undeserving for the same love we gave to them but ended up hurting ourselves. i know how selfish it is to feel like you was never and ever been enough. i know how bruised your heart now, 'cause for once, i've been there also. well, i don't really believe that time heals everything but assure yourself that step by step, you'll be able to brace your life with new people and will be able to let someone love you the way you wanted to. your world doesn't turns for only one person. there's our bunch of friends, family who can make us feel being wanted, deserving, worthy and loved. remember that god is preparing you for your better journey.